Staff Scientist Position in Obesity and Diabetes Clinical Research Section, NIDDK-Phoenix


June 09, 2019: We are seeking eligible MD or PhD for an open staff scientist position with the Obesity and Diabetes Clinical Research Section, Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch, NIDDK, Phoenix.


The Obesity and Diabetes Clinical Research Section (ODCRS) in the Phoenix Epidemiology Clinical Research Branch conducts studies investigating the etiology of obesity and type 2 diabetes. We are located in Phoenix, Arizona on the fifth floor of the Phoenix Indian Medical Center. We are part of the Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch of NIDDK and receive intramural funding.


Ongoing and planned studies are investigating major topics of interest to our section which include 1) role and mechanism of adaptive thermogenesis in weight gain 2) the link between energy expenditure and energy intake 3) cognitive, behavioral, hormonal and genetic control of energy intake 4) neuromodulation and neuroimaging as novel treatment for weight loss 5) the role of the gut microbiome in energy balance and 6) predictors of type 2 diabetes.


We conduct both controlled inpatient and outpatient studies. Our section includes a complete inpatient metabolic ward including metabolic kitchen, 2 whole room indirect calorimeters, automated vending machines for measurement of ad libitum food intake, procedure room for performance of euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamps, muscle and fat biopsies, metabolic carts for measurement of resting metabolic rates and exercise fitness testing, actigraphy 13 inpatient rooms and 3 outpatient rooms with round the clock nursing,  laboratory staff and dedicated recruiters. ODCRS also has access to NIDDK and NIH core labs including the Clinical Laboratory Core and the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Core.  Senior investigators include research dietician, clinical psychologist, medical directory trained in internal medicine and endocrinologist. ODCRS also trains post-baccalaureate students and visiting research fellows.


Ideally, we are seeking candidates with prior research experience who also have a strong background in epidemiology, statistics, and/or bioinformatics. Previous experience in human clinical research involving metabolism, obesity,  type 2 diabetes and/or neuroscience is preferred.


The responsibilities of the staff scientist will be to serve as co-investigator and principal investigator for ongoing and planned human clinical research studies within ODCRS. The staff scientist will collaborate with staff on current and planned studies. The staff scientist will mentor fellows and students, and in particular will support stastitical and bioinformatics needs within ODCRS. The staff scientist will be expected to develop new research questions and protocols consistent with the mission of the section. The individual will have full access to all ODCRS data and resources, and will have the opportunity and will be encouraged to collaborate with other sections within PECRB and NIDDK. The position is directly supervised by the section chief of ODCRS.


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